My Journey Starts Today

The journey of regaining proper healthy skin starts today. It’s gonna be a hell of a jouney..


My acne problem is hurting me like an ex-boyfriend. It comes, it goes, and it leaves  scars. Yes, they fade away with time, but that usually takes quite a while.

So I’m changing my life from today (beauty regime, in this case). I want to be stronger and better than yesterday! I want to feel confident and happy with myself! So, a little bit of what I have gone through..

For those whose skin complexion has been baby’s butt-perfect since day 1, or those who are whining about a simple pimple popping out after 6 months, this blog may contain images that will scare the shit out of you. starting with this:

disgusting no makeup  Active volcanoes acne

Under-the-skin acne

Acne marks

This was taken just 3 days ago, in case you want to know.

Horrendous. I have never shown anyone this, but I suppose this is necessary if I want to accept my skin condition and improve it. For years I have been using makeup to cover it all up; 15 hours a day, 6.5 days a week. My skin was not breathing.  

This love-hate relationship with my complexion started since I was 14. I experienced “Rudolf’s Nose” probably 2 to 3 times a year. Imagine the embarrassment. So embarrassing that I try to squeeze them out. WRONG MOVE… resulting into the pitted scars you see on my nose. UGH.

Moving on to my years in Polytechnic, I started working in Starbucks. AND MY ACNE WILL NOT LET ME GO. Facing customers wasn’t exactly exciting for me.

At the age of 19, I started using make-up to cover up what I didn’t want people to see. The first few products were foundation (duh!), concealer (double duh!) and eyeliner (I have small eyes, shut up.)

2009 me



Bangers & mess.



This was me in 2009. HA.

Through the 5 years of partying, sleeping with makeup, hanging out til’ the sun comes out, doing so much harm to my skin, it is all going to change. TODAY.

I will be concentrating on my skincare regime, doing whatever I can to get rid of the gunk I have on or embedded in my skin. Through this all, should you feel that there are some products you would like me to try, feel free to let me know. I mean, what more do I have to lose now?

Here goes!


as if taken by someone else
Gonna at least put one nice-R picture of myself. UGH.